Verica Rakočević biography

Verica Rakocevic

 Serbian designer Verica Rakocevic is engaged in fashion since 1983. when she opened the popular boutique Ella.
1997th she started with the VR Company, as a continuation of design work. That same year, on the market appears perfume VR, then ENERGY perfume and face cream VR 24 hours.
Since 1999. year, Verica Rakocevic begins to deal with high fashion and she opens her studio for the design, “Verica Rakocevic.” So far, she represented her creations in many prestigious national and international events, and some of them are the fashion week in Rome, Milan, Los Angeles, Moscow, Athens, Nicosia, Vienna, St. Petersburg, Thessaloniki, Dubai, Cuba, and of course Belgrade.

She successfully served as editor in chief of fashion magazine “L’officiel,” but a year she is editor of the prestigious lifestyle magazine “Inspire”.

Reviews and models of famous designers have been published in “La Repubblica”, “Corriere della Sera”, “Messaggero”, Italian “Vogue” and in the all eminent national magazines. In addition to the great desirability in our television stations, she performed at the RAI I, II RAI, RAI III, Monte Carlo TV, Channel5, TV Antenna, TV Cyprus, a National Russian TV and many others.

VR company produce collection for women, men and children, and complete accessories.

Verica Rakocevic designs and manufactures uniforms for the exclusive Hotel Hyatt Belgrade, Montenegro Airlines, Belgrade Airport, Belgrade Restaurant Madera, Magna Pharmacia, Commercial Bank, and Piraeus Bank.